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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Food Value of Meat

What is meat? We all know that meat is an animal flesh that is used as food. Meat is highly nutritious food and considered as the basic part of our diet since meat contains an important source of many vitamins and minerals.

Meat is consists of protein, minerals, vitamins and fat. The proteins in meat is highly nutritious hence, they are complete proteins. For you to know, meat is a major source of protein. Meat also has minerals comprises of large amount of phosphorus and iron specially the kidney and liver. food value of meat.

 Aside from minerals and protein, meat is also rich in vitamins and a major source of vitamin B12, also an excellent source of other B vitamins. Fat is can be found also in meat. Different kinds of meat contain different amounts of fat. The better grade of meat usually have more fat. The higher the fat content, the more calories. So, if you want to limit your intake calories, just trim the fat from the edges of the meat.
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Good things about Soup

Cream Soup
Soup is a liquid food that is prepared by boiling water with meat or vegetables. Soups that are made with milk, fish, vegetables and meats are considered nutritious. The food value of the soup depends on its ingredients. A lot of people think that the soup is for sick persons who are unable to eat solid foods and for children only. Asparagus cream soup .They don't know that soups are particularly good for people with special dietary needs. It can also be served for those people with food allergies. In this way, problem for food ingredients can be avoided.

 In serving a soup, it is good to have it at the beginning of a meal to stimulate the appetite. For Cream soup, it is best to serve at light meals. It help satisfy your daily milk requirements especially if you don;t like drinking milk.
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Food Value of Fish

Most people don't like eating fish. They don't know that fish makes a valuable contribution to the diet. Since fish contains proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. It provides a large amounts of complete protein same with meat and poultry. The fat content of most fish is low and considered as an excellent food for people who are body conscious. Fish plays a significant role since it is a source of mineral and phosphorus and also calcium( found in bones of fish such as salmon and sardines). Saltwater fish are valued for their iodine content. Fish has two groups, the finfish and the shellfish. Fish also contains Vitamin B, A and D.
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